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How audit leaders can leverage the power of big data analytics

Date :

24 January 2019

Time :


Presenter :

Dominic Nel

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“Big data” and “analytics” have become real buzz words in the past couple of years—is all that attention warranted? If so, what does it mean for audit teams? Big data can deliver competitive advantages for auditing teams, and the organisations they work for, but implementing and harnessing big data remains an aspirational goal for many organisation, with many battling to find those gaps in their data

How to Talk to Your IT Team About Getting Access to Data

In today’s digital business landscape, organizations are producing more organizational and transactional data than ever before. Internal Audit teams who choose to capitalize on this wealth of data can generate valuable, crystal ball-like insights, provide greater assurance, and fundamentally change traditional audit techniques—making them a more strategic business partner in the long run.

However, getting access to data and data sources can present a challenge for many audit teams. With IT teams primarily concerned with data confidentiality and data protection, auditors looking to run audit analytics may find themselves at a stalemate when it comes to accessing critical data for testing and reporting.

Dangers of Managing Risk in Spreadsheets

When information is trapped inside documents and spreadsheets, it effectively becomes “dark data”: impossible to search, reference, analyze, export, report on or access on mobile devices—not to mention that it’s prone to mistakes. For financial institutions, “dark” unsearchable data creates additional risks of not being able to demonstrate strong processes and assurance to regulators and executives.


Join us for this webinar as ACL’s Chief Product Officer, Dan Zitting, reviews the destructive effects of dark data, how to best avoid them, and how to effectively perform advanced queries and analysis on your data.

On-Demand Webinar – How Automation is Changing the Face of Finance Team


In today’s complex business environment, finance and controls professionals face a tremendous range of responsibilities and challenges in order to balance risk and performance. While some progressive financial leaders have started to embrace a data automated approach to managing risk and controls, many are so immersed in the daily demands of their job that it’s difficult to step back and consider the benefits and practical steps in implementing a new methodology.

Join us for a 60-minute webinar where ACL’s Director of Finance, Keith Bailey, shares how he has moved away from traditional approaches to financial management and embraced data automation to more effectively manage risk and controls