Product Pulse – July

Published | Monday, July 18th, 2016

The Product Pulse is ACL’s regular blog series on product & ecosystem updates.

In this Edition:

Get yourself texted for anomalies, legendary** Storyboards, and using Results Manager to manage attribute sampling.

Introducing the Textual Analytics Toolkit: A Benford’s Law for text.

So you have transaction descriptions, emails, and contracts. If we wanted to make up some statistics, some might say that up to 80% of your data is text. What are you doing with this text data? Where do you even start? Wouldn’t it make sense to sweep through all of this “dark matter big data,” just like you would use Benford’s Law for numeric data?

Rich Lanza, prominent author of the 101 ACL applications toolkit, has developed a new approach for analyzing text data: “Lanza’s Approach to Letter Analytics (LALA).” He’s combined this approach with benchmarking analysis, tools to analyze email data, and emotive analysis to bring you sweeping results of your text data.We’ve teamed up with Rich to bring you a brand new set of Inspirations, and you can learn more about Text Analytics here.

Have you checked out our legendary** Storyboards yet?

Walking through the halls of ACL, it’s really cool to see different parts of the organization using ACL Storyboards to visualize data in presentations. Our customer adoption team uses it heavily to report on consultant performance metrics, and our operations team reports all sorts of metrics.It’s now possible to share your Storyboards even if your recipient doesn’t have a license by creating a sharable public link!


**By legendary we mean there are now interactive legends in Storyboards that you can use to filter your visualizations.

Use Results Manager to manage your Attribute Sampling.

So you have a set of transactions being tested for compliance with internal controls. Maybe it’s for SOX, or for your ITGC. There’s likely a collaboration component involved, and certainly a linking and referencing component. Using Results Manager to manage your attribute sampling would be ideal, especially if you’re using Project Manager too: all of your sampling evidence would be centralized, and even automatically linked to the relevant internal controls.
Up till now, it might have been a bit unwieldy to get your transactions into Results Manager if you didn’t have continuous monitoring set up with, say AX. We’ve changed, that, however, and you can now directly upload your Excel files to Results Manager. Just drag and drop and you’re done:

Analytics 12

Coming this fall, we are delivering the biggest product launch in ACL’s history. It is our “Open Data” release, unleashing the power of ACL as one part of a broader data-ecosystem. As an ACL customer, what does this mean for you? Get your sneak peek of the new features you can expect this September.

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