Are you a public official that does business with the state?

Published | Monday, September 26th, 2016

The Governance and Administration cluster led by Public Service and Administration Minister Ngoako Ramatlhodi has briefed the media on the progress of the implementation of the National Development Plan. He has told reporters in Cape Town that the reviewed Public Service Regulations includes clauses that prohibit government officials being directors of companies in business with state organisations. All public servants have been asked to disclose any business dealings with the government and will have until January 2017 to either relinquish their interests or resign from the public service.

Government departments utilising world-leading ACL technology, will have the upper hand when it comes to implementing these new regulations and will not need to rely on employees to disclose the potential conflict of interest. ACL software together with the South Africa designed and built Conflict of Interest module, offers process ready-tests that are able to monitor all employee and supplier information against the latest Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) database.

Driven by technology, the hard stuff is done for you. Using the continuous monitoring tests, government entities can be assured of a high degree of transparency, which is both dependable and efficient with little to no human intervention.

One of most common tests used in the Conflict of Interest module involves reporting on all employees that are also vendors. South African identification number are used to cross check against the millions of CIPC records to verify if an employee holds a directorship at any private company or closed corporation. The results are then able to be reported on in an executive context by building a narrated storyboard using ACL’s suite of KPI and data visualisation tools.

Avoid your organisation being in the headlines for the wrong reasons and ensure that your employees are acting in the best interests of your organisation instead of their own.

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