How multiple departments at ACL use ACL technology

Published | Monday, March 18th, 2019

Guess what? At ACL we actually use ACL as a tool in multiple departments across our organization as a corporate “crystal ball” that gives us never-before seen, real-time oversight.

From finance to IT, all the way up to the CEO, our team is constantly looking for cool new ways to utilize the ACL Platform. We like to call it “drinking our own champagne.”

Here’s a behind the scenes look at how different departments are applying ACL technology to the business:

How Finance closes the books faster

In Q&A with Adrienne Taylor, corporate controller, she shared how her team is using ACL to better monitor P-Card expense data, effectively share information with senior management and save time to focus on closing the books at month end.

“Anything you do consistently or repetitively, ACL can automate. It saves time and frees you up to focus on meaningful activities. Sometimes I used to feel like our team was always playing catch-up. Now we’re on top of those key areas. Full oversight builds confidence—both in terms of how you’re doing the job, and in knowing you’re not missing something important.”

Learn more about how the Finance team is using ACL here.

How IT controls corporate cell phone costs

Corporate cell phone costs can often be a beast to manage, especially in a large organization. Roland Flutet, manager, IT, and his team use the ACL Platform to better manage corporate cell phone costs by automating policy enforcement and follow-up.

“Previously, follow-up on overages meant that a member of the IT staff would review the report in Excel and then send follow-up emails manually. This exercise was made somewhat more difficult because the detailed bill contains about 50 different charges for each user—and it’s not always clear whether a fee is a normal element of the basic plan or the result of overage. This largely manual process was in place for about a year, until recently. Using the ACL Platform, our new process only has ONE manual step (and we hope to remove this, too!).”

Learn more about how the IT team is using ACL here.

How Operations created a corporate “crystal ball”

For José Aleman, vice president of operations at ACL, the “lightbulb” idea to implement ACL went off over a pizza lunch. After reaching a limit of what reporting could do out of the box, José realized that combining CRM data with financial and project management data for analysis in the ACL platform would open up a massive opportunity to provide insight into the business. Since then, he’s hooked (and he’s now also one of the most sought-after individuals in our company).

“It has been just over a year since that fateful “lunch and learn,” and my—and my operations team’s—work has been completely transformed to the point where we cannot imagine doing our jobs without the ACL platform.”

How our CEO’s life has changed

Thanks to José and the “crystal ball,” life as a CEO has changed for President & CEO Laurie Schultz. Using the ACL platform, she can now see business performance across geographies, examine average revenue by customer, track churn statistics, look at the competition and much more.

“Our gear allows me to look broadly and to drill down. It has changed my life as a CEO. Truly, I cannot run ACL without using ACL. And every morning after I dig into the analytics, I usually take my coffee to Jose’s cubicle and ask him another question.”


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