End of Support for AN v10 & AX v4

Published | Wednesday, December 14th, 2016

We have extended the deadline for end of support to provide you more time to migrate to the latest version.

  • ACL Analytics v10 end of support is now February 2017
  • ACL Analytics Exchange v4 end of support is now May 2017

What does this mean to me?

You need to take action. Your software will continue to work, but after February 2017, ACL will no longer provide technical support, or perform any maintenance or security updates for Analytics v10.x. The same applies to Analytics Exchange v4.x after May 2017.

Benefits of upgrading

  • Tons of New Value from the Fall Release 2016. Learn more about the latest versions of AN v12 and AX v6 here in our Fall Release Announcement, view the ACL software Version Comparison document to see what’s been added since AN version 10, or watch new features in a recorded ACL Webinar overview of the Fall Release.
  • Security Improvements That Make Your IT Smile. With each release, we update all of the underlying components to ensure we have applied the latest security patches and defect corrections. ACL Analytics 10 was released in 2013, think about all of the changes we’ve seen in operating systems and security patches since then! So yes, even IT will want you to upgrade.
  • Unshackle IT from Dongles and Serial Key Management. If you are having trouble getting rid of your dongle (concurrent user licensing), look at some of the advantages of upgrading (named user licensing).
    • Our Launchpad provides a real-time view of who is using your ACL Analytics license. Get rid of that license key tracking spreadsheet or asking around, “Have you seen my dongle?!”. Stop it, it’s embarrassing. And if someone leaves your department for churn, rotation or PC replacement, you can just open up the ACL Launchpad and deactivate their license (or better yet setup SSO and when they leave your Active Directory, access is automatically terminated).
    • Multi-device support for ACL users who make computers sing with ACL scripting. A single named user can now have ACL active on more than one machine. Or maybe you really like to do your analysis at home, late at night. It’s OK, we all do it. With the new licensing model, you can take your single license and use ACL on multiple machines, both at work and home.
    • Run two major versions concurrently. Yes, we know some people don’t like change. We allow you to install the newest version of ACL on the same machine that has an older major version. This enables an easy path to migrate your ACL Projects to the new interface.
  • Simple Migration of Existing Content. There is no migration needed, you just open up your ACL Projects in the new version of ACL Analytics and they are automatically updated. And don’t worry, we keep a copy of your old project, just in case. We know how some of our users like to keep copies of things.
  • Access to Free Analytics. We have been collecting the most commonly used analytics from our customers and consultants and provide them for free to our customers. With ACL Analytics v12 you can instantly bring this content into your own projects. See our ACL ScriptHub library for a listing of all the available analytics.
  • Global Community & Training. With the ACL Launchpad we provide a whole new world of community, support and resources to help make you successful. A Quora-like forum with industry peers, on-demand training with CPE credits and more. If your IT have any questions about how serious we take data security, check out what we do here: www.acl.com/trust. Share it with your IT department, and ask them how it stacks up to what they do to secure your own systems.

How do I move to the newest version?

Download the latest software version through your ACL Launchpad – or provide these instructions to your IT department to access the installer for your department.

  1. Use your browser to open www.aclgrc.com and log in using your ACL account information. If you do not know your password, click “Reset your Password” or contact ACL Support Services – email direct at support@acl.com or enter a support ticket from the ACL Support Center.
  2. Click “ACL for Windows” menu item to upgrade ACL Analytics v12 or ACL Analytics Exchange.
  3. Click the download button to start downloading the latest version.
  4. Follow the installation instructions provided online.
  5. If you encounter issues upgrading your software, please contact ACL Support Services. If your technology environment is complex and you require installation or migration services, our consulting team offers expert guidance on deployment and management of the upgrade.

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