Risk Management: Now More Critical Than Ever

By Leigh Carmichael

Published | Wednesday, October 24th, 2018

Why you need to get started with a data-driven risk management workflow today

As risks continue to expand and intensify, how does your organization keep up? Relying on spreadsheets, email, and other disparate methods to manually manage risk just won’t cut it. This is a disruption-intensive world—and complacency is no longer an option.

Financial institutions must embrace technology and evolve their approach to risk management or face the increased exposure of catastrophic financial and reputational damage. Yet only 27% of executives surveyed believe their organization has processes in place to cope with the pace of change*.

In this eBook, produced in cooperation with American Banker, we provide a fundamental understanding of evolving risk management and outline the:

  • reasons why now is the right time to get started with automated control monitoring
  • existing approaches to risk management and why they fall short
  • benefits of moving out of spreadsheets and adopting automated risk and control management
  • steps to get started today using a data-driven risk management workflow


*Boosting Value in a Changing Climate, KPMG, July 2017.

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