Build The Business Case For GRC

By Leigh Carmichael

Published | Wednesday, June 27th, 2018

Before you can build a GRC program capable of addressing today’s top business threats, you first need to obtain the necessary budget and leadership support to turn your GRC vision into reality. This report focuses on just that — how you can build an effective business case for GRC, detailing the essential elements of cost, benefit, risk, and flexibility to accurately estimate GRC’s ROI. In addition, we include ways to bolster the numbers by positioning your GRC program as a method for improving the business through better governance, ethical behavior, and performance.

This report covers;

  • How to provide accurate cost estimates upfront to build trust and demonstrate competence
  • Ways to articulate the benefits of GRC, highlighting three categories of business value
  • Why technical maturity drives better business outcomes
  • Accounting for the risks of the GRC program itself to set appropriate expectation

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