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Published | Monday, November 16th, 2015

Governance, risk and compliance activities are part of daily life in every organisation. Whether there is a formal commitment to GRC initiatives or simply a desire to drive organisational performance though better management of departmental risk, control and compliance objectives.

GRC doesn’t have to be complicated, unwieldy or spreadsheet-intensive. ACL GRC offers a simple, flexible way to help you improve the efficiency and effectiveness of GRC activities, enabling:

  • Insight into strategic risks and outcomes for executives
  • Efficient project management for Audit, Risk Management and Compliance teams
  • Data-driven measurement, remediation and reporting for business stakeholders

ACL GRC eliminates the headaches and fragmentation associated with e-documents, share drives, and traditional on-premise audit, risk and compliance management systems. There’s no software to install, servers to buy or endless, resource-intensive implementation projects. With ACL GRC, everything is integrated and managed by you. A comprehensive set of controls are in place that guarantee that your data is protected. ACL is an all-in-one cloud based GRC process management with a philosophy of simplicity, flexibility and data driven decision making.

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