ACL Spring ’17 Release

Published | Friday, April 21st, 2017

Performance science-backed enterprise risk management

Organizations are demanding a more scientific approach to risk management to better evaluate and seize performance opportunities. Introducing the first fully integrated platform to connect strategic planning with risk, compliance and control execution. Map risks directly to strategic performance goals within the ACL Platform and systematically, using data analytics, assess and act on the roadblocks on the path to achieving those goals.

For our Spring ’17 Release, ACL has continued to invest heavily in our vision of creating a world where governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) professionals are the most sought after in your organization—by ensuring you can solve organizational risk management, compliance and audit problems with a framework that objectively measures risk, embedded within operational processes to measure performance. Improved oversight and performance is dependent on getting better real-time risk insight into the hands of business stakeholders and assurance professionals across all three lines of defense. Now, this data-powered insight can be more collaboratively shared across the organization, so you can make more informed decisions around mitigating risks and accelerating performance opportunities.

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