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Published | Friday, July 14th, 2017

ROI Survey Findings

ACL provides data analysis software that gives your audit and compliance team an advantage. What exactly is the advantage? We boost your team’s independence, making them more productive and ultimately, increasing audit coverage and the value you and your team deliver to the organization. These changes help improve the value your team delivers and turn them into the “go to” team.

To quantify our thinking, we asked the Chief Audit Executives, Chief Risk Executives and Chief Compliance Executives at ACL Analytics customers what they think. Here’s what they told us.

  • The team everyone wants a piece of!

    Leveraging transactional data and producing meaningful recommendations for a C-Suite audience is paramount. After all, testing complete transaction data populations gives you and your team the confidence needed to make strategic recommendations. ACL customers found that the perception of their team improved thanks to ACL Analytics.

  • Did someone say increased productivity?

    We know that all things surrounding data acquisition, preparation and analysis can be painful. Hours upon hours of valuable time are often wasted on manual and tedious processes. ACL customers, by contrast, found that by using ACL Analytics, their team’s productivity dramatically increased.

  • Quantifiable Value

    It’s often difficult to quantify the potential value that software can deliver. ACL customers were able to turn our qualitative theories into quantitative proof.

Download the full return on investment survey results here

Being able to proactively identify areas to investigate further based on data analysis demonstrates value of Audit or Compliance, which often impresses senior management.”
– Survey Respondent | Compliance Director


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