A Free Download Replaces the Need for Expensive Excel-Based Audit Solutions

Published | Monday, November 16th, 2015

ACL Tool Eases Audit, Risk, and Control Processes for Professionals Working in Excel®

VANCOUVER, June 19, 2014 – ACL, the company that is transforming audit and risk, today announced the release of ACL™ Add-In for Excel® available at no cost to auditors, compliance teams, and other professionals who only have access to Excel for audit, risk, and control work. This new solution bridges the gap between standard Excel functions and the capabilities required to perform day-to-day tasks, allowing users to be much more productive when not using purpose-built audit software.

Although Excel is a powerful, universally popular tool, it isn’t designed specifically for audit, risk and compliance professionals. ACL’s solution eliminates the risks associated with using shared spreadsheets, increases usability and productivity, and enables users to more easily tackle common tasks while working in Excel.

This ACL Add-In for Excel immediately adds the ability to:

  • Quickly select samples for testing or investigation
  • Create read-only versions of information, formulas, and cells to avoid errors
  • Tick-mark in order to document results and capture sign-offs
  • Summarize and filter, stratify and age information in Excel

“I know from personal experience that regardless of whether or not an organization has invested in good audit and compliance technology, auditors and compliance professionals often end up working in Excel,” said Dan Zitting, Vice President of Product Management & Design at ACL. “Our role in the industry is to offer the best possible solutions and we recognize the need for a cost-free option that is superior to the high-priced products currently available. ACL designed this offering to enhance the performance of auditing and investigative work for those who don’t have access to audit-like functionality in Excel.”

ACL Add-In for Excel seamlessly integrates with ACL’s suite of software products, including ACL™ GRC and ACL™ Analytics Exchange, which gives users the ability to publish test findings in ACL GRC for automated remediation, attach spreadsheets as evidence directly to steps within their workflow, and provide high-level, visual results derived from complex data analytics to professionals and executives across the organisation.

Download the free Excel add-in

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