1. The ACL Results Manager tool is included in your subscription.

We know you know. It’s been said a dozen times. But we’re so impressed by how our clients are revolutionizing their workflows that we can’t bear to watch anyone miss out.

ACL Analytics & Analytics Exchange subscribers: Learn more about ACL Results Manager Lite here.

ACL GRC subscribers: Learn more about ACL Results Manager full version here.

2. You don’t want to get caught in violation of SOC and other regulations.

Many survey tools out there haven’t completed SOC or other compliance reports. In fact, they may even be in violation of your organization’s third-party vendor/security policies. Results Manager upholds the same security standards as the rest of the ACL software you know and love, meaning it complies with both SOC I Type II and SOC II Type I.

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3. Not only can you simplify complex processes, you can also iron out everyday pre-audit surveys.

You may have already heard how Results Manager can be used to automate and simplify complex multi-step processes like managing your conflicts compliance risk. But did you know you can harness that same power of automation to fuel plain vanilla surveys like your pre-audit questionnaires?


4. You can marry data from active directory and your cloud apps.

One of the most beautiful things about managing your surveys in Results Manager is that you can connect to, well, pretty much anything. Aside from linking survey results as evidence in ACL GRC Project Manager, you can feed the data into your enterprise level risks and get a data-driven view of your risk profile. Last, but certainly not least, Results Manager integrates with ACL Analytics, meaning you can analyze and report to your heart’s content.

5. You can be a hero, like one big bank who uses it to catch rogue loan officers.

Salespeople everywhere sweat under the grind to meet targets and loan officers are no exception. The pressure to meet targets can push even the most honest and upright officers to approve loans that don’t quite meet all of the requirements, driving them to approve applications without covering basics like validating SSNs or ensuring loan attestations are attached. By centralizing their entire process within ACL, one big bank was able automate their entire pre-approval and approval workflow: pre-approval forms are triggered to approve/deny based on whether or not key requirements are met; loan applications and attestations are automatically directed to relevant parties for review and approval/sign-off; and ACL Analytics is leveraged for trend and post-detection analysis to identify rogue officers who are frequently pushing through unqualified applicants for approval.

6. You’re busy, so we made you some pre-built templates.

You’re busy, we get it. We wanted to make it even easier to start using questionnaires and surveys so we built a library of questionnaire templates, including goodies such as:


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