5 powerful resources every ACL customer should know about

Published | Monday, July 18th, 2016

I’m shocked when I talk to customers and realize they have NO IDEA about all the resources ACL provides. In an effort to close that gap, here are five amazing resources available to every ACL customer.

1. Inspirations

Ever looking for ideas for how to test your controls? From company finances and operations to industry-specific testing for healthcare, banking, and public sector… we’ve got you covered. Lucky for you, we’ve built a library filled with HUNDREDS of analytic ideas. Plus, we’re committed to bringing you more content all the time (we just added brand new categories for Textual Analytics and Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption!).Best of all, Inspirations is FREE and it’s available to EVERYONE (you don’t even need to be an ACL customer)! So share with your peers, colleagues and friends.Go visit Inspirations right now!

2. ScriptHub

Need to analyze your purchase to pay data in SAP? Need to calculate the distance between zip codes? Need to harmonize a messy address field?These scripts are just some of the gold available in ScriptHub today. With hundreds of pre-built scripts at your fingertips PLUS entire packages to analyze SAP data… there is something for everyone.Start browsing ScriptHub today!

3. ACL Academy

ACL Academy offers a course for all skill types. We have beginner training courses, intermediate skill building material and ACL Bootcamps. They are all geared towards helping you get more out of your ACL solutions.Whether you’re looking to streamline the process of onboarding new team members, brushing up your own skills or wanting to learn about different solutions.Start leveling up your ACL skills in Academy!

4. Results Manager

What is Results Manager? Simply put, it is data collaboration made easy.Need to remediate data exceptions or investigate anomolies? Need to send a policy attestation or control certification survey? Need to visualize, report and share findings in a central location?You can do ALL of this and much more in Results Manager!

5. Storyboards

Speaking of Results Manager…have you heard about our new Storyboard feature?At ACL we think it’s great to visualize your data, but it’s usually the story behind the data that has real meaning. With storyboards you can easily build, share and tell the story behind the data using beautiful dashboards.

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