4 reasons why the right technology partner makes the difference

Published | Friday, June 24th, 2016

Selecting the right technology partner to implement and oversee your continuous monitoring program can be a challenging and time-consuming task. It’s difficult trusting an outsider that get’s insight into exactly what makes your organisation tick and where your problems lie. All too often, deciding which technology partner to choose is swayed by smooth talking sales people or smart marketers. Choosing a partner that is able, and competent, to continuously monitor all of your transactions in near real time needs to be based on facts.

1. They are dependable with proven success at reputable clients
ACL has over 20 years experience, working with over 14,000 organisations from both the public and private sectors in more than 150 countries. Clients include 90% percent of the Fortune 500, 98% of Fortune 100, as well as the Big Four public accounting firms, and hundreds of national, state, and local governments across the globe.

2. You get tangible results, fast, and show true value
You got the buy-in from stakeholders as to how important enterprise continuous monitoring was to your organisation. You spent the money but how quickly can you show it was money well spent? Combining ACL technology with the Essentials pre-built best-practice scripts from CQS GRC Solutions, you will look smart, fast. CQS understands that all organisations have the same underlying operational processes such as accounts payable, human resources, or salaries, etc that need to be monitored to ensure sustained success. These pre-packaged scripts mean you will never need to reinvent the wheel. If you feel that we have missed something in the module that you choose to implement, chat to us, we offer customised scripting too that saves you time and effort.

3. They provide ongoing support when you need it
There is nothing worse than something going wrong and having to wait hours to receive a response about a critical issue that prevents you doing your job and conducting your business as normal. A world-class technology partner is able to provide telephonic as well as online support when you need it, in time zones that suit you. ACL technology is supported throughout the African continent by CQS GRC Solutions. Unlike other technology providers, CQS provides you with a local support desk where you can speak to someone that understands you, and the unique challenges that businesses in Africa face.

4. You have a dedicated account manager
This is a person that you get to meet and chat to. They aren’t just a voice on the other end of a phone in some far off country. They are the person you turn to when your business grows or goes through changes and you need to relook as the way you monitor your business to remain successful. The best part is they invite you to user groups where you can meet other industry professionals to share best practice stories and network with.

There are many more factors to assess when choosing a technology partner for continuous monitoring, contact us about your specific requirements and let’s see how we match up.

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