A clean audit is achievable with automated oversight

Developed after years of working with the Auditor General of South Africa (AGSA), Municipal Continuous Monitoring (Municipal |CM) provides in-depth insight into 6 key areas of every municipality. Through the continuous monitoring of these key areas you are able to improve accuracy of billing, minimise lost revenue, eliminate fruitless and wasteful expenditure as well as identify payroll and procurement fraud.

Knowing what the AGSA will find and rectifying it in advance goes a long way to securing a clean audit.

The 6 key processes covered by Municipal Continuous Monitoring are:

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable is a critical element of the finance cycle with many financial transactions occurring daily. It’s important to be able to run simple analytics to provide the CFO, Finance Manager and others who need to know, what the cash flow and liquidity in their business is.

Human Resources

Human resources refers to the individuals with the organisation. As the employees are a critical part of an organisations success, it is important to ensure every individual’s information is complete, accurate and comply with various employment regulations.

Purchase Order Management

The objective of purchase order management is to ensure that the ordering of goods and services is happening at optimal levels. It is important to track purchasing patterns and trends to monitor the adherence of company policies and keep expenses low.

Revenue Assurance

This is a niche business activity within the service industry that uses data quality and process improvement methods that will increase profits, revenue whilst protecting cash flow yet is not influenced by demand. The monitoring of key data is also able to highlight operational underperformance most commonly relating to billing and the collection of revenue.

Salaries & Payroll

The costs of salaries account for a significant portion of the operating costs of a business. The importance of knowing that those employees listed on their payroll are valid employees and that they are paying them the right amount of money is critical to keeping the operating costs within the company to an acceptable level.

Vendor Management

Vendors are a core resource for many businesses and vendor management serves to ensure that all vendors providing goods and services are approved and have been vetted for compliance against the company vendor management take-on / registration process.

Our customers are our strongest advocates

We’ve been using ACL for 17 years now and the benefits we have had is that it enables our continuous auditing and monitoring program.

Tracy Miedzinski