Do more with less, they say.

You already know that waste and outright fraud hides in the huge volume of transactional data flowing through your organization. But even a team 10x the size of yours couldn’t analyze all that data armed only with disconnected spreadsheets.

ACL™ Analytics Exchange helps you build a centralized platform for collaborative team-based work, build IT-trusted connections to automate data extraction, and create monitoring programs to analyze massive data feeds. Find hidden anomalies and uncover strategic risk that threaten your organization or government agency.

The sophisticated power of server-based technology

Centralize and collaborate

When sniffing out data is your job, the big dogs run with a server.
Centralize and secure your knowledge, assets and data. Supercharge your team by allowing them to collaborate on one platform.

Trusted IT data connections

Build an IT-trusted pipeline to your source data.
Data access is a hassle for analysts and a nuisance for IT. Stop having to be a pest. Build trusted connections and test entire datasets during non-production hours.

Analytic performance

Big data servers for heavy-duty processing.
Big servers are used for big processing, and ACL delivers performance by allowing your system to scale as your usage grows.

Scale your data analytic capability

Pull your analytic experts out of the basement.
One picture is a worth thousand words—and one analytic expert is worth a thousand tests. Share that expertise easily with analytic apps.

Sustainable analytics

Don’t let your IP and scripting assets walk out the door.
Why risk losing valuable IP and scripting assets to rotational programs, department churn or PC upgrades. Centralize those assets so your value is sustainable no matter who is around.

Continuous testing

Just hit the schedule button.
Complex schedules for your continuous testing can be accommodated easily and handled effortlessly by the server.

Automate testing to reduce outsourcing

Quit paying for expensive services.
Outsourcing services to analyze your data is like throwing away money. Take control and become sought after within your organization.

Public sector oversight

Demonstrate accountability and always be audit ready.
Provide monitoring, oversight and assurance for public funding expenditures, revenues, human services, capital, assets, contracting and procurement.

IT data analytics

Migrate data, test IT controls.
Compare data when migrating from a legacy system to the new one. Automate IT control testing like logical access and segregation of duties.

Independent. Provable. Repeatable.

Litigation? Don’t get caught without your activity log.
Your entire data set is protected in read-only format. Every analytic step is recorded to provide assurance and repeatability.

Keep your data secure

Make the IT security team your new BFF.
Don’t leave data out in the open. Move your critical data and analytic information off your notebook to prevent loss due to theft or damage.

Productivity Ecosystem

Training, best-practices and productivity boosters built-in.
To help you succeed, we have heavily invested in creating a productivity ecosystem to support you. Your subscription includes access to online training, a library of pre-built risk analysis scripts, a rich knowledge base and complete user guides.

Our customers are our strongest advocates

We’ve been using ACL for 17 years now and the benefits we have had is that it enables our continuous auditing and monitoring program.

Tracy Miedzinski