You have big goals.

Huge, actually. We have the training to help you achieve them. Our training team is here to empower you through technology and best practices. Whether you’re just starting out with ACL solutions or you’ve already logged a few laps, we’ll run beside you all the way.

With over 14,000 organisations across the globe using ACL, the ACDA certification is widely recognised as a job requirement for certain auditing positions.

Classroom and onsite training

Stretch your skills with live (and lively) ACL training. Led by ACL Certified trainers who customize the content to match your business goals. Classroom training is limited to 12 people, so you get personal attention and lots of time to ask questions—and the option to attend virtually if you want to save the commute.

Learn from the pros and meet ACL users just like you. Share knowledge and best practices, and trade stories from the trenches with peers. Or, bring the the classroom to you with onsite training, working in your space with your data.

ACDA certification

Prove your technical prowess and professional expertise with ACL certification. Not only will you snag a frame-worthy certificate, but earning the ACL™ Certified Data Analyst (ACDA) designation demonstrates your ability to integrate ACL data analysis techniques into business processes. It shows you have ACL superpowers—and a secret weapon to help your organization and your career thrive.

Are you ready to add ACDA after your name?

Available courses

ACL Starter Pack

A hands-on course for anyone who has never experienced ACL or attended any formal ACL training. This entry level course teaches the essential building blocks of utilising ACL for data analysis.

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Scripting – Module 1

Aimed at participants who have been exposed to ACL and have attended the introductory courses. These courses teach participants how to combine various commands and expressions to increase productivity and produce more powerful results.

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ACDA Ramp-Up & Examination

Designed to help you ramp-up your skills and excel in both the knowledge bases and practical components of the internationally recognised ACDA examination

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Functions & Scripting – Advanced

Developed for more experienced ACL users who have already achieved ACDA certification and want to refine their skills and increase their knowledge.

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