Identifying red flags only matters if you do something about them.

Every organization’s internal controls leak. Enterprise-class systems for ERP, CRM, IT access management and HRM are complicated and highly configurable (read: risky). Application controls are a minefield of failure, circumvention and fraud. And by the time you look back in time to find issues, it’s already too late. Immediate detection can spot issues before they become large problems—and having a system to take action on these issues helps you stop them.
Digitization is transforming performance: 90% of global data didn’t exist two years ago1, and data is expected to continue to double every three years2. Organizations with a platform that can not only analyze their big data, but also connect it to strategic planning and risk, compliance and control frameworks, are much better armed. The ACL Platform helps you connect operational data to key strategy, risk and compliance metrics and take action on red flags—to reduce loss and achieve performance goals.

What’s your team?

Risk & Control Monitoring for Accounting & Finance Teams

Let technology sweat the details, so you can close the books on point and on time.
Organizations must weather economic uncertainty, volatile regulatory landscapes, financial restatements and increased shareholder scrutiny. Which means CFOs must play offense and defence: working to protect vital assets, ensure compliance with financial regulations, close the books correctly, and communicate value and risk issues to your most discerning stakeholders.
To effectively influence your organization’s future direction, you need a platform capable of providing insight for financial leadership—and align finance with corporate strategy. ACL’s platform helps you connect the critical dots: from operational execution, to control integrity, to compliance framework, to strategic planning and, ultimately, managing risk to unleash performance.

Financial Controls Integrity & Monitoring

Don’t get caught by your regulator with dirty laundry.
Ensure department effectiveness, reduce compliance costs and increase risk assurance with well-oiled controls—while gaining insight to better steer your organization.

P2P Monitoring

Purchase-to-pay is complex, and vendors make billing errors. Check, before you end up paying for them. Increase visibility over your entire procurement process by using analytics to compare huge volumes of transactions across multiple business systems with complex authorization processes, before they add up to material seven-figure losses to fraud, waste or misuse.

Revenue Assurance

Drip, drip, cha-ching. Hear that? That’s the sound of your margins and bottom line going down the drain. Use ACL for data analytics to compare disparate systems, find the leaks, and stop them before more revenue leakage occurs.

Corporate Card Compliance

What is the friction in enforcing compliance costing you?
Increase visibility over your P-Card, T&E or fleet card claims by using analytics to monitor all transactions, to reduce friction, improve compliance, prevent fraud or errors—and close the books faster.

Reduce Friction with Audit and Regulators

Reduce costs + help your auditors help you with strategic issues. Win win!
Stay ahead of auditors by using the same nimble tool they use to scrutinize business transactions. And, easily provide evidence that you’re resolving potential issues—so they can get their heads out of the details and help you solve strategic issues.

ERP Process Oversight

Make no mistake: your ERP is leaky. Don’t lose critical points of margin and bottom line to common gaps. ERP controls make for human errors and abuse. ACL checks your core business areas at the transaction level—not the in-ERP configuration level—ensuring your processes are leak-free.

Risk & Control Monitoring for Compliance and Legal Teams

So many controls, so little time.
Regulations, industry standards and internal policies are never-ending. And it’s tough enough keeping track of the current versions … what about evolving requirements? It seems impossible to catch up. Get off the treadmill by tapping into your data for ongoing coverage, automatically. Let the ACL Platform manage the nitty gritty.
Start with testing the effectiveness of your controls—and get alerts when things go wrong. Roll this information up into your high-level compliance framework to show leadership where things are going well and where improvements are needed before regulators knock at your door. Create automated questionnaires to proactively ask people about recent training programs and highlight areas that may need more education. All in one centralized and flexible system.

Anti-Money Laundering Compliance

Keep the regulators out of your laundry. Monitor and detect suspicious transactions and map testing to your policy and control framework to prove effective mitigation to your regulators.

Bribery & Corruption Monitoring

Ethics matter—wherever you do business on the planet. X-ray common business activities against your code of conduct to sniff out nefarious actions before they hurt your reputation.

Regulatory Compliance Coverage

Monitor key controls for regulations, industry standards & internal policies. Whatever your industry and regulatory requirements, monitor key controls to ensure compliance 365/24/7—and automate remediation with the ACL Platform.

Conflict of Interest Compliance

Potential conflict of interest scenarios arise daily: are your people making the right decisions? Provide preventative control with gift pre-approvals and detective control by monitoring code of conduct attestation—and document corrective action with ACL’s centralized remediation workflow.

Procurement, Export & Contract Compliance

Make sure you’re playing by regulation rules when buying and selling. Ensure safeguards exist in your supply chain by tracking renewals, payments, foreign exchange, benchmarking spend, performance maintenance and expiration.

Third-Party Compliance & Attestation

Whether you contract, partner or buy: don’t get ruined because somebody else didn’t pay attention. Ensure third-party stakeholders are following your rules. Easily collaborate to gather evidence to confirm attestation of their understanding of your policies and industry regulations.

Internal Policy Attestation

Whodunnit, who didn’t? Centrally track attestation of corporate policies to assess your workforce’s compliance with annual policies and training. Meet your quarterly or annual commitments for every employee to comply with critical policies such as Code of Conduct, Conflict of Interest, FCPA, Sexual Harassment, Privacy and more.

Whistleblower or Incident Hotline

Build a better whistle. A cornerstone of sound ethics and risk management. Empower employees to anonymously report incidents or suspicious activity, and automate escalation or notifications based on responses to your questions via an easy-to-setup web hotline.

Fraudulent Disbursements

Whose pockets are being lined with fraud? Stop paying fictitious expenses, shell vendors, false refunds & ghost beneficiaries. Use ACL to scour data across multiple sources with atomic precision to illuminate schemes lurking in the gaps.

“ACL’s anti-bribery tests have been very good at helping us to assure robust regulatory compliance, potential risk indicators in transactional data would be hard to find without technology, but continuous auditing enables us to provide management with an up-to-date profile of FCPA controls testing results.”

Kirk Tryon,

Process and Continuous Audit Director, Texas Instruments

Risk & Control Monitoring for Business Operations Teams

A whopping 86% of market losses are caused by strategic risk.
Operations is the one group that has context to deeply align where that risk intersects business. A new framework for risk and control management is needed: one that is cost-effective and explicitly ties risk to business value—and helps management have fruitful conversations with stakeholders.
The ACL Platform equips operations teams with a more scientific approach to evaluating and seizing performance opportunities. Map risks directly to specific strategic performance goals within the software and then systematically, using data analytics, assess and act on the roadblocks on the path to achieving those goals. This robust risk and controls monitoring framework enables data-informed decisions on where to accept risk and where to mitigate it, in the context of your organization’s overall risk appetite and strategy.

Crystal Ball for Monitoring Strategic Performance

Is it magic … or science? Referee strategic performance decisions backed with insight from your data. Let the ACL Platform be your crystal ball to monitor performance, risk and compliance around top strategic objectives, such as revenue growth, customer satisfaction, top talent risk, supply chain performance and more.

Trigger-Based Assessments & Workflow

If your KPIs and KRIs fall in the forest, will anyone hear? Get automated & immediate alerts when things change. Automated monitoring instantly alerts stakeholders the moment any KPI or KRI thresholds are reached. Trigger a response guided by the system, paired with the data needed to make smarter decisions.

Industry Standards Monitoring

Are you up to snuff? Connect your operational controls monitoring to industry standards. Map ISO, COSO, COBIT and many other standards to your operational processes with ACL’s platform for real-time continuous monitoring.

Map Controls to Regulatory Requirements

If you have a gap between control owners and your regulatory framework, we have the bridge. ACL’s platform integrates the monitoring of your controls to your risk, control and compliance framework—alerting control owners to remediate gaps in real time and providing executive oversight of your compliance posture.

Risk-Based Operational Assessments

Comparing apples and oranges? Get a data-driven view of risk across disparate locations and business lines. Run advanced analytics across locations and business lines to serve up a normalized view of risk across your organization and processes.

Visualize & Action Performance Insight

A picture is worth a thousand words … but means nothing if you can’t action it. What’s the point of identifying risks and opportunities if nothing is done about them? Narrate insight with the story in your data—and dispatch owner action to follow-up on red flags.

“I have spent my entire professional life working with data: from designing and implementing custom business systems, CRM system management implementations and migrations, and all aspects of Business Intelligence. In all this time, I’ve never used software that delivered so much value, so quickly, and with this amount of flexibility and insight.”

Jose Aleman, VP Operations,


Risk & Control Monitoring for IT

With IT security and compliance, the devil is in the details.
Digitization of business means your data grows exponentially—as does your your security vulnerability along with it. And changing compliance landscapes can pull the rug out from under you before you’ve had your morning coffee. The velocity and volume of change is overwhelming, and it’s easy to get on a treadmill that can strangle your business. Tame the burden by automating the monitoring of your IT controls.
Let the ACL Platform worry about the details. Map and track your IT policies, key controls, systems, processes to the standards and regulations you need to comply with, such as COBIT, ISO and NIST. And, ACL technology helps you assure and prove to regulators that controls are working as intended through self-assessment and by analyzing transactional data for anomalies—all in one place for easy oversight and reporting.

Segregation of Duties

Might there be loopholes in your authorization checks and balances? Make a list, check it twice.
Proper SoD controls will reduce the occurrence of fraud, waste and misuse. Test, mitigate and remediate gaps in your systems and processes with ACL’s powerful analytics and workflow to cross-examine data from any system.

IT Threat & Security Log Analysis

There’s gold in your log files. You have intel on physical access and security information and event monitoring (SIEM), but it’s hidden in log files that come in a wide variety of shapes. Use the ACL Platform to access and analyze them to sniff out the gaps.

IT Issue & Incident Management

So, you’ve found vulnerabilities or control gaps in IT. Now what to do? Close the loop. Identify and track issues and incidents in a way you can easily assign to stakeholders for remediation. And report on issue status and life cycle.

IT Policy Attestation

Round ‘em up! Manage employee responses to IT policies. Manage oversight of your information security environment by tracking individual responses and automating follow-up and escalations. Bonus: get a gold star from your auditors.

Logical & Privileged Access

Weak security policy or enforcement is cause for unauthorized access. Fortify your logical access walls. Whatever your regulatory authority, manage your obligations for SOX, OMB-A123, HIPAA, PCI, FCPA, AML, FDA, FERC, Basel, EU Data Directives in one place.

IT Audit Readiness

Get your IT house in order before audit does. Use the ACL Platform to monitor your controls and manage technology risks—and manage the entire process in one place for comprehensive continuous monitoring of the state of IT risk and compliance.

“To be able to get to a trust level where what you’re doing is going to be constantly monitored. What somebody was doing yesterday, when they leave—somebody tomorrow can do that same analytic and you know it was run the same way, you’re getting the same results.”

Manager, IT Risk, Security & Compliance,

Dean Foods

Risk & Control Monitoring for Internal Audit Teams

Use ACL’s performance science-based platform to deliver on your assurance mandate—and go above and beyond—with needle-moving recommendations.
Can’t see the strategic risk forest for the trees? You are asked to do more, there are more regulations … but nothing gets taken off your plate. What’s the one lever to be able to deliver on your mandate? Give the arduous, detail work to technology. And add even more value by equipping executives and lines of business with their own crystal ball to monitor performance and risk.
We help you paint the big strategic risk picture so you’re aligned with what matters to your executives in providing assurance over the things that matter, not the things that don’t. The ACL Platform lets you automate key control monitoring to expand coverage, improve team efficiency and reduce outsourcing. Shorten your audit cycles by taking advantage of a growing library of analytic tests and the ability to connect to any data source. Become a trusted advisor by delivering data-backed insight to improves decision making and run your organization better.

Accounting & Finance

Transform from “bean counter” to information broker. Arm yourself with a platform that taps your big data to inform your future.

Compliance & Legal

Did you hear that? Your ACL Platform did. That’s the sound of someone in your organization bending the rules at the cost of your reputation.

Business Operations

A fantastic strategic plan gets you 10% there—the other 90% is execution. ACL’s platform gives you a crystal ball to monitor strategic execution success.

Information Technology

Map and track your IT policies, key controls, systems, processes to your standards and regulations, such as COBIT, ISO and NIST.

“Our key performance indicator is 80%. So we want to achieve an 80% acceptance level, which is agree or strongly agree. And every time we do an analytics job, we get 98%!”

Blair Richards,

Senior Audit Manager, Australia Post