Software to manage governance over cybersecurity, privacy, regulations, risk, and compliance.

Are cybersecurity, information security, privacy, and departmental performance worries keeping you up at night? If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

Today’s IT leaders rely on technology solutions to oversee complex, evolving organizational needs and risk landscapes. The ACL platform integrates your IT frameworks to provide the structure needed to ensure your IT security environment is robust, well governed, and aligned with strategic risks.

We have the solution to your IT governance needs

Integrated IT governance framework

Embed ready-to-use IT standards, frameworks, compliance maps and best practices into your daily management workflow.

Rely on ACL’s GRC Content & Intelligence gallery for IT standards, frameworks, compliance maps, and best practices integrated directly into your daily software workflow, making it easy for you to minimize risk exposure and collaborate with your front line.

We’ve developed IT-specific toolkits to help you manage and stay current on the latest regulations and standards. Find them pre-loaded in your content library, which is researched and curated by ACL teams to ensure you’re always up-to-date. IT toolkits include:

Common frameworks such as COBIT 5, CSA Cloud Controls Matrix, PCI, GDPR, NIST Cybersecurity, ISO 2700x, HIPAA and more.

Map Compliance Obligations

Centralize and visualize your compliance obligations.

Use Compliance Maps to associate IT standards and regulations with your control framework, allowing you to visualize coverage, track regulatory changes, minimize organizational risk exposure, reduce operational burden, and provide boards and executive teams with a holistic view of IT risk and compliance.

Identify applicable regulations and standards (such as COBIT, ISO 2700x, NIST, SOX, GDPR, etc.) Harmonize a list of requirements across all applicable regulations and standards.

Map controls in frameworks to requirements.

Aggregate testing results and issues to track and report on compliance status in real-time.

IT self-assessments & issue management

Did I or didn’t I? Remove the doubt, test it yourself.

Beat audit to the punch and take control of your own destiny by testing your own controls. And take care of your own business. Any issues found during self-assessments can easily be captured, managed and tracked through to review and remediation.

Privileged Access Monitoring

Is your logical or physical house vulnerable to break-ins?

Don’t let a lack of oversight lead to devastating unauthorized access. Mitigate information security and privacy risks with automated controls monitoring. Easily compare who has access to technology or physical buildings compared with who should have access—and flag potential control gaps.

Department & Third-Party Performance Oversight

Department & Third-Party Performance Oversight

ACL Storyboards bring the results of monitoring your data to light by combining the power of interactive data visualization, narration, and annotation. Easily build narrated data stories that put departmental and third-party insights in the context of organizational strategy and performance objectives.