Are you trapped in a time suck between spreadsheets, manual process and outdated technology?

Eliminate time-sucking tasks by using highly engaging and collaborative technology, so you can focus on high impact areas that need your professional judgement. I mean, how is today’s auditor to provide risk assurance across the organization in a rapidly changing business and regulatory landscape without modern technology?

ACL helps you focus on the risks where there is maximum improvement opportunity and clearly illustrates the impact and value of results to the business. We want to help you be more relevant, more valuable and better aligned with the strategic agenda. Whether you audit in the office or in the field, ACL has the best available tools for online, mobile or offline work. Show ‘em what you’re made of!

We have the solution to your audit management needs

Enterprise risk management

Want to make friends in high places? Zero in on what matters most to leadership.

Leadership needs intel on risks that could derail objectives. And regulators frown on managing risk in a flimsy spreadsheet. Avoid raised eyebrows by using a platform designed to align strategic areas—with a balance sheet view of risk and performance, in real time. And benchmark to industry peers and best practices.

Workpaper management

Suffering in spreadsheet hell? We make heavenly gear to elevate you from painful manual tracking and collating.

ACL does the legwork aggregating your data so you can get executives better insight, and spend more time on critical thinking and high value tasks. And with control testing and self-assessments that are a breeze, you can let the system manage chasing down responses across the business.

Integrated audit analytics

Stuck analysing complex data with nothing but a spreadsheet? Stop wasting time with the wrong tools to analyse data.

With our 30 years of global analytic dominance embedded in-platform, you can break free from sampling and provide executive-give-a-care-meter-moving insight that gets your team a seat at the table.

Remote offline auditing

Go unplugged. Pack 1000+ control tests in your pocket or PC.

Offline auditing lets you work on a plane, in a plant, or on an exotic island with no phone or internet connectivity, and sync up once you return to civilization.

Global issues oversight

Streamline issue identification and management.

Capture issues in the field, assign to stakeholders, and track and report on remediation, in one system. Easily mass migrate legacy or multi-department issues for global oversight.

Team-based analytics

Harness the full power of your team members analysis work.

Make your audit team more productive by consolidating all analytic work and automate repetitive tasks, safe-guarded on a secure server.

Data and results workflow

Do more with your results.

Promote action on the results produced from data analytics and integrate questionnaires in a single, secure platform.

Public sector auditing

Protect taxpayer funds.

Provide assurance over government missions and services to ensure reputational integrity.

Reporting, dashboarding & KPIs

Reporting troubles getting you down?

Senior managers just don’t have time to read the details. Create a compelling story, dashboard, track KPIs/KRIs, and build standard or custom reports, which can be quickly consumed and acted on.

Government tax oversight

Make sure your revenue is right.

Auditors, Inspector Generals and other Audit specialists around the globe need X-ray vision for tax data oversight. Let ACL software help improve your department’s X-ray vision to protect tax revenue from fraud, errors and abuse.

Assure industry standards & regulations

Minimize day-to-day compliance burden.

Map requirements, promptly digest regulatory changes, seamlessly work with control owners, deploy analytics, assess and act. Model common frameworks or standards into your daily workflow, provide self-serve proof of regulatory compliance.

Solve your audit administration

Let ACL elevate you to a rock start auditor.

Automate the manual grind—and jump-start collaboration among audit teams and stakeholders. Track project progress against goals and measure your team’s productivity. Intuitive, central time sheets and reporting means you don’t have to burn the midnight oil tinkering with last minute time entries.