Continuously monitor process risk and measure process health. Analyze trends. Protect revenue. Improve budgeting and forecasting accuracy.

ACL Essentials are a suite of premium analysis apps that continuously assess critical ERP processes. There are 13 pre-built process controls available, which you can spin-up at a fraction of the cost, time and effort of traditional ERP process controls. Each is available standalone, or can be bundled in a mix-and-match solution. Every organization, whether public, private or government, faces operational and compliance risk daily. While every organization is unique, many underlying operational processes— and risks—are identical. Skill or time constraints mean that few organizations are able to use the massive data they produce each day. ACL Essentials, powered by the ACL platform, are pre-built, process ready tests that continuously monitor your transaction data with little human intervention. Unlike ERP controls, ACL software does all analysis at the actual data transaction level, rather than the configuration level, ensuring 100% of transaction events are reviewed for control violation—without slowing you down. By implementing even a few processes, customers experience quick time to value and typically recoup the annual subscription cost within months. And since Essentials are ERP-agnostic, you can integrate disparate enterprise systems to spot risks that are usually missed. With ACL Essentials on the job, you can sleep soundly knowing that risky transactions and process control gaps aren’t overlooked and potentially undercutting your operational excellence, margins, or compliance.

Where ERP controls fall down, ACL Essentials step up

ERP vendors know it is difficult—sometimes impossible—to effectively control business processes and leakage from within such a complex platform. That is why many launched Process Control modules. However, where ERP-embedded GRC Process Controls typically fail, ACL Essentials excels. Rather than choking process efficiency with preventative controls (which are often circumvented), ACL Essentials powers your oversight with detective controls—at 10-25% the cost of typical Process Control modules.

ERP & application system agnostic

Don’t be blindsided from seeing the big picture.

Platform independency means ACL technology can stitch together data from disparate sources to identify the riskiest of transactions for further review.


Do you know how you stack up? See for yourself.

Receive an annual report based on anonymous, aggregate data from other customers who are running the same process controls, so you can benchmark your results against your peers.

Next generation reporting

Without data, action is useless and data without action is futile.

Distill data into meaningful, actionable reporting. Give your data and recommendations an executive context by building a narrated storyboard using ACL’s suite of KPI and data visualization tools.

Independence & objectivity

Who should police the police?

ACL does all analysis at the transaction level—not the configuration level like your ERP system—ensuring 100% of transactions across one or many ERP installations are reviewed for control violation.

Independence & objectivity

Who should police the police?

Independence from your ERP platform means objective oversight of your ERP platform. And trusted data connectors mean low impact on IT.

Continuous process control

Effortlessly stamp out fraud, waste and abuse.

Need more hands? Analytics work 365/24/7 without breaking a sweat—and can automate the assignment, escalation and notification of red flags when stakeholders need to review and remediate ERP leaks.

While every company and government agency is unique, many underlying operational processes—and risks—are identical.

Get oversight of your standard financial process controls with these 13 pre-built analysis apps spanning the following business process areas. Consider bundling Essentials together to automate an entire cycle:


Accounts Payables Sampling or manually cross-matching purchase orders (POs) with invoices simply doesn’t provide adequate risk oversight over this material process. Assess 100% of your payables dataset to know with certainty whether your requisitions and vendor billing processes are healthy and accurate. Sample Analytics

  • Identify instances of PO date occurring after invoice date
  • Identify invoices paid greater than the PO amount approved
  • Identify instances of vendor paid by both PO and sundry expense
Purchase Order Management Track purchasing patterns and trends to monitor the adherence of
company policies, keep expenses low, and illuminate problematic
Sample Analytics

  • Identify split POs with same vendor / same material / same creator, within X days
  • Find duplicate POs with same vendor / same material / same quantity
  • Identify goods received vouchers that are 30 days past PO approval date
Vendor Management Ensure that your vendors are approved and have been vetted for compliance against your organization’s vendor management take-on / registration process Sample Analytics

  • Identify employees who are vendors
  • Frequently changed vendor bank account details
  • Identify key information missing in the vendor master data, e.g. bank account details
Cash Disbursements The outflow of money in various payment formats to your vendors can often get overlooked, resulting in a popular way for unscrupulous employees to cash in. Ensure your cash  disbursement controls are working properly, and identify waste, misappropriation of funds or human error. Sample Analytics

  • Identify suspicious disbursements
  • Review vendors with large disbursements in a specified time-frame
  • Detect vendor billing errors
Accounts Receivable How quickly receivables are paid directly affects your cash flow, and properly balanced cash flow is essential for stability. The faster you can identify and collect outstanding receivables, the faster the cash can be spent to meet payroll and other expenses, pursue expansion and investment goals, or enhance company profits. Sample Analytics

  • Compare closing balance to credit limits loaded
  • Extract all outstanding accounts > 60 days
  • Extraction of all changes to customer credit limits
Sales Analysis Detailed sales analysis is important as it provides management with accurate information on actual sales to improve profit margins. Detailed analysis helps companies compile a sales strategy and know which products are or not selling, and at what margin. Sample Analytics

  • Analyze sales trends by comparing current and previous periods
  • Total sales order amount per sales personnel
  • Total sales order amount per material
Stock and Inventory Management Alleviate inventory management risks by testing for theft, loss, leakage, churn and lifecycle. Transactional data may reveal vendors with persistent quality issues, or locations with stale inventory or excessive leakage or returns. Sample Analytics

  • Highlight negative stock quantities
  • Pinpoint all items with a zero-cost price
  • Determine the net realizable value of an asset
Segregation of Duties Improper Segregation of Duties (SoD) is a leading cause of fraud and SoD is a key component of Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) compliance. Identify potentially costly SoD issues across both Purchase-to-Pay and Order-to-Cash processes. Sample Analytics

  • Identify users creating purchase orders and accepting receipts of those goods or services
  • Identify users attempting to falsify payments tothemselves by modifying vendor information and then making payment to that vendor
Fixed Assets Management Monitor your asset management cycles—from addition to depreciation—to mitigate critical risks (such as not knowing what assets you have and where), ensure your depreciation is accurate, and manage the transfer and disposal of PPE. Sample Analytics

  • Extract assets listing per location
  • Identify all assets with zero book value
  • Identify all assets with zero depreciation
General Journal Journal entries are the backbone of any
organization’s accounting system and hold financial and non-financial data. Knowing how each journal entry is being posted to the general ledger is critical for insight into the heart of your financial system.
Sample Analytics

  • Identify potential duplicate postings
  • Analyze suspicious postings
  • Identify entries that have been frequently reversed using the same GL account and amount
Human Resources Human resources is the division designed to maximise employee performance and is primarily concerned with the management of people within the organsiation. Part of their responsibilities focus on policies and systems, and typically include recruitment, training and development, performance appraisals, and rewarding. Sample Analytics

  • Identify where vendor bank details match employee bank details.
  • Identify employees terminated within 120 days of their hire date for audit verification
  • Monitor master employee file for excessive changes
Salaries and Payroll The cost of salaries for employees accounts for a significant portion of operating expenses in any organization. Knowing that those employees listed on their payroll are valid and are being paid the right amount is critical to keeping operating costs in check. Sample Analytics

  • Excessive overtime hours worked»» Test for duplicate or phantom employees
  • Multiple annual bonus payments in one year