A free tool that takes Excel to the next level for auditors, from the company that brought you the industry standard for financial controls analytics

Microsoft® Excel is an amazingly popular and very useful general-purpose tool. But, as powerful as Excel is, it wasn’t purpose-built for use by professionals such as auditors and compliance investigators.

After all, we’ve all made a formula mistake or struggled to maintain an audit trail of work we’ve done in spreadsheets. ACL Add-In for Excel bridges the gap between standard Excel functions and what auditors need to do their jobs. And, it’s free!

Make Auditing and Investigating in Excel more productive

ACL Add-In for Excel instantly makes you more productive and helps eliminate the risks associated with doing auditing work in Excel.

  • Quickly select samples for testing or investigation
  • Make information, formulas and cells read only to avoid making errors
  • Tick-mark to document results and capture sign-offs

Get started learning data analysis techniques using a familiar tool

Learn the full power of ACL’s industry-standard data analysis and continuous monitoring by getting started using the tool you’re most familiar with. You can learn some of the most powerful techniques without ever leaving Excel.

  • Summarize and filter data (i.e. journal entries, payments, orders)
  • Stratify data (i.e. ledgers, payments, statistical samples)
  • Age data (i.e. receivables, payables, assets)

Instantly grasp the big picture with information profiling

Productivity is all about being able to understand the big picture faster. For every field in your spreadsheet instantly know: the sum, average, standard deviation, range, number of blanks, positives, negatives, etc. without creating a single formula.

Seamlessly integrate your Excel-based work into your broader audit process

Because ACL Add-In for Excel was developed by the leader in software for audit, risk and controls professionals, it’s beautifully integrated with other ACL software products including ACL GRC and ACL Analytics Exchange.

  • Publish test findings in ACL GRC for automated remediation
  • Attach spreadsheets directly to audit or investigation steps in your work papers in ACL GRC
  • Give non-technical professionals access to run complex data analytics in ACL Analytics
  • Exchange, right from within Excel