Mastering Risk with “Data-Driven GRC”

By marketsonline

Published | Monday, July 31st, 2017

Deliver Transformational Value with a Step-by-Step Approach to Integrating GRC Processes

Today’s emerging risk landscape is changing in almost every industry. As a result, so have effective methodologies for managing risk and the technologies available to keep pace with this evolving landscape. Finally, technology itself has changed, and technology consumers expect to realize more value, from technology that is more approachable, at a lower cost. These factors are driving change in organizations because it has the ability to quickly capture the attention of top executives. But, there is currently no concerted effort to leverage these changes into developing an integrated approach to mastering risk management.

As these changes are occurring at a rapid pace, organizations are looking towards a “data driven GRC” approach to address the emerging risk landscapes. Download this whitepaper to uncover the key opportunities in risk and organizational performance management, and learn how to build an integrated, data-driven GRC process that optimizes the value of audit and risk management activities and investments in supporting tools and techniques.

This publication highlights:

  • Technology deficiencies in the Three Lines of Defense
  • The future state – Data-driven methodology for GRC-related processes
  • 7-step GRC technology checklist
  • A “value delivered” technology maturity model for functional leaders across all lines of defense
  • Fortifying performance management with data-driven GRC


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