The 7 Dangers of Document Based Auditing

By marketsonline

Published | Wednesday, November 29th, 2017

Understanding the destructive effects of dark data on high-functioning audit organizations

The use of word documents and spreadsheets as the primary vehicles for capturing and documenting governance, risk, and compliance procedures is often the go-to solution. When information is trapped inside documents and spreadsheets, it effectively becomes “dark data”: impossible to search, reference, analyze, export, report on or access on mobile devices. These are all key demands of today’s business functions —and for data intelligence to support insights and decision making.

Download this white paper written by ACL’s Chief Product Officer, Dan Zitting, to learn about:

  • The problem with hosting processes and procedures in documents and the destructive effects of dark data
  • How to best avoid dark data and understand the need for digital evidence
  • How high functioning teams are moving away from inter-linked documents and spreadsheets, to properly structured databases to unlock the value of data analytics
  • When you should avoid document-embedded metadata to make primary critical documentation information available for queries

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