Five ways to reduce fraud, errors, and compliance violations

The burden of managing financial risk, cash flow, strategic investment and compliance is a complex job. How can you be confident that the risks of fraud, error and abuse are being well-managed without getting in the way of achieving your […]

Banks are seeing incredible results with ACL

Banks need to pinpoint risk and opportunity to empower the front line. We combine science, technology, and data to help banks and credit unions successfully navigate the ever-shifting world of risk, audit, and compliance management. Our solution increases the value […]

Have you seen our surveys?

If you’ve already seen one, it means that either someone in your organization, or an organization you are interacting with, is using our solution. You can confirm that it’s one of our surveys if you’ve received an e-mail notification from and […]

Fraud goes mobile: Protecting data in a digital world

The recent spotlight on banking fraud has ranged from impossible-to-understand weapons of mass destruction (a.k.a. derivatives) to rogue traders, traditional bank account takeovers and impersonations with traditional ID theft. Technological advances are enabling fraudsters to commit more sophisticated acts of […]

Become sought-after with a corporate crystal ball

ACL VP Operations Jose Aleman shares his journey creating a corporate crystal ball Last week at our annual sales kick-off event, ACL’s CEO Laurie Schultz flatteringly (and, frankly, a bit embarrassingly) called me out in front of the whole company […]

Can’t get away from spreadsheets? Download the free ACL Add-In for Excel

Making auditing and investigation work in Excel fun & easy Even though you’re already using ACL Analytics to monitor the health of your corporate objectives, do you still find yourself stuck working in Microsoft Excel from time to time? As […]

Moving from ad hoc auditing to automated monitoring

Today, in financial institutions around the world, audit teams have an ever-growing portfolio of functions to manage while keeping up with a constantly changing regulatory landscape. These same auditors are expected to provide assurance over the endless streams of data […]

Is it time to rethink your IT risk management and compliance approaches?

It’s not just about the big IT risks Its pretty obvious that IT risks, particularly those involving cyber-security breaches, are among the largest risk issues facing organizations today. Just look at the fallout that occurs after a hacker manages to […]

Are electronic working papers keeping you in the dark?

When the audit community transitioned from physical files to electronic documents, oh so many years ago, it quickly became unwieldy to track audit status and results among the sea of electronic files. As opportunities emerged to gain efficiency and better […]

ACL Training | Get schooled in Analytics and GRC

Four new courses have just been released on ACL Academy so that you can get up to speed (at your own time and pace) in both ACL Analytics and ACL GRC. These training courses come as part of your ACL […]

3 myths about continuous control monitoring

When you hear the term “continuous control monitoring” (CCM), do you find yourself thinking any of the following? My ERP system has built-in automated controls, so I don’t need CCM because I’m already protected. It sounds great in theory, but […]

Monitoring P2P transactions: How to implement data analytics

In a recent blog post, we took a look at how data analytics provides greater insights into risks and controls in purchase to pay (P2P) processes. Financial control specialists, managers of risk and compliance activities, and auditors are all increasingly aware […]

How analytics give governments greater oversight of risks and controls in P2P processes

Effective risk management and control of vendors and contracts in the procure-to-pay (P2P) process creates challenges for organizations in all sectors, but particularly for local and national governements. Public infrastructure projects, facilities maintenance, IT systems and large-scale purchasing of goods […]

Bringing Complete Data Automation to Enterprise Governance and Risk Management

ACL, the software provider helping governments and the world’s largest companies quantify risk, stamp out fraud and optimize performance, today announced its Fall ’17 software release, which transforms governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) activities from looking back to looking […]

7 Dangers of Document-Based Auditing

In the 1980s and 1990s, large audit organizations moved away from hard copy audit files and working papers because of the difficulties in sharing and collaborating on physical files. This was the first major technology transition for the audit profession […]

Building a Business Case for ACL Analytics Exchange

Making a major change in a business process can be overwhelming. The “what-ifs” can drive you absolutely crazy. There comes that point in time when you realize that you need to make that move forward. If you wait for the […]

How technology has enabled a national bank to improve overall business agility, productivity and insight

ACL recently commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct “The Total Economic Impact™ of ACL: Cost Savings and Business Benefits Enabled by ACL for a Financial Organization” study in March 2017 as part of a series of studies measuring the benefits, costs […]

Making an immediate impact on the finance department (with a little help from a friend…)

I have recently been appointed Finance Director at ACL. What a great opportunity, particularly since we’re a data-driven organization. Most new finance directors would face an immediate challenge of navigating a spider’s web of systems and legacy spreadsheets to prepare for […]

The role of the Chief Audit Executive in driving data analytics use

It is good to see the increasingly consistent signs that internal audit is (finally) getting to grips with the reality of data analytics. I have written repeatedly about the apparent disconnect between years of surveys reports that analytics are expected […]

4 analytics technology drivers to magnify audit value delivery

At ACL we believe that audit technology is getting better and better at helping auditors serve their organizations. But as the internal audit profession continues to progress and change with advances in data analytics and automation, what does that mean […]

Closing the books faster: Learn how our very own accounting and finance team uses ACL technology.

Here at ACL, we’re all about “drinking our own champagne.” We don’t (usually) start the workday with mimosas, but we’re always looking for cool new ways to apply our own technology to the business. We sat down with ACL’s Corporate […]

The power of data analytics in detecting, assessing, and preventing fraud

In May 2013, the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) issued its updated version of the Internal Control Integrated Framework—a leading framework designed for implementing and managing systems of internal controls, and assessing their effectiveness. The guidance […]

Controlling corporate cell phone costs: How we do it at ACL

Cellphone costs can be a notorious plague on an organization, to the extent that some vendors have made it their entire business model to help corporations reduce the cost of their mobile fleet. In this post, I’d like to show […]

GRC professionals and spreadsheets … time for a “new car”?

There are plenty of reasons why many GRC professionals still use spreadsheets—often along with MS Word Docs and SharePoint—to run their risk management and compliance processes. The problem is that the reasons are, well, usually not very good. I know […]

Technology deficiencies in the Three Lines of Defense

Since the emergence of Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), the use of technology in processes related to risks and controls has truly started to take meaningful shape in many organizations. However, when looking across the risk and control functions in most organizations, technology […]

Keys to analytics greatness…and four ways ACL can help you bridge the analytics skills gap

Are top athletes born or made? The same could be asked of analytics wizards. To be great at any activity requires three aspects: natural talent (innate ability, what you are born with) ability to learn and grasp new concepts regular […]

Are data robots coming to replace the auditors?

A recent Oxford University study examined how automation and robotics are affecting different professions. Among the over 600 professions considered, auditing was right at the top—deemed by researchers as a profession ripe for automation, with a 96% chance of being […]

What ACL Analytics Can Do For You

ROI Survey Findings ACL provides data analysis software that gives your audit and compliance team an advantage. What exactly is the advantage? We boost your team’s independence, making them more productive and ultimately, increasing audit coverage and the value you […]

We have put our business in the heart of Nairobi, Kenya

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA – 30 May 2017 – With well-established offices in Vancouver, London, Johannesburg and Singapore, the opening of a new ACL office in Nairobi, Kenya will provide local support to customers, ensuring that at all times ACL provides […]

10 key components of building a business case for GRC technology

There’s never a good time to “buy software,” but it’s always a great time to make a rewarding investment! I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the brightest audit, governance, risk and compliance (GRC) leaders in the world […]

ACL Spring ’17 Release

Performance science-backed enterprise risk management Organizations are demanding a more scientific approach to risk management to better evaluate and seize performance opportunities. Introducing the first fully integrated platform to connect strategic planning with risk, compliance and control execution. Map risks directly to […]

6 steps to successfully incorporate analytics in any area of your business

You have great software, lots of data and an excited team. What you’re missing is exactly how to incorporate analytics into your organization. Might I recommend the following six-step framework? This framework is designed to allow you to apply analytics […]

3 ways internal audit can really annoy executives and business managers (and how to avoid them!)

Internal auditors, both as a profession and as individuals, want respect. We hear constantly how much they want to add value and “get a seat” at the executive table—and some audit teams and their leaders are indeed very successful in […]

5 best practices for reducing fraud, errors & compliance violations in finance and accounting systems

The burden of managing financial risk, cash flow, strategic investment and compliance is a complex job. How can you be confident that the risks of fraud, error and abuse are being well-managed without getting in the way of achieving your […]

Gasp! Your data specialist is leaving. Now what?

Imagine the scenario: Your data specialist is leaving your office and you’re still letting the news sink in. They’ve been your go-to person for years, giving you the information you needed from whatever system you came across. No question was […]

End of Support for AN v10 & AX v4

We have extended the deadline for end of support to provide you more time to migrate to the latest version. ACL Analytics v10 end of support is now February 2017 ACL Analytics Exchange v4 end of support is now May […]

Internal fraud: To flag or not to flag, that’s always the question…

You might have heard the statistic: in just about any size company, fraud claims between five and ten percent of annual revenue. Some fraudulent activity comes from external sources (such as cyber breaches or theft), but a good amount of […]

Buying guide checklist for risk and control management & analytics monitoring technology

Risk and control management software can help you address fraud, error, abuse and compliance violations It can help you illuminate risks in finance and accounting systems—while maintaining high-performance control systems. But searching for a new software solution can be overwhelming. […]

Case Study: ACL doesn’t support Macsteels continuous monitoring strategy it enables it

Macsteel Service Centres SA forms the African component of the global Macsteel Holdings Group. Macsteel operates in more than 31 countries and is the largest independent steel trading company in the world. The Macsteel Service Centres SA Group through its […]

How to measure risks to your reputation and brand

Are you like most security & risk professionals & have difficulty incorporating the concept of reputation into your risk programs? In a recent report released by Forrester, Renee Murphy, principal analyst serving security & risk professionals, and Nick Hayes, analyst serving […]

Is your organization at risk for these 6 common ERP system vulnerabilities?

How do you find a balance between running a high-performance financial process and efficiently managing the gaps that exist in your ERP-centric controls? Originally intended to deal with this problem, the theory of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system was […]

Why is internal audit not addressing the data analytics capability gap?

There seems to be an increasing gap between what internal auditors—and particularly Chief Audit Executives (CAEs)—say is the importance of data analytics to the future of audit and their capabilities to actually put analytics to work. Three major reports this […]

10 quick ideas to help auditors reboot tired old audit plans

Are you and your annual audit plans stuck on endless repeat? Here are 10 ways to recharge your thinking with a fresh take on your annual plasn for these critical process areas—and make your boss love you all the more: […]

Leverage data to drive decisions

It is estimated that during 2015 over 2.5 Quintillion bytes of data was created every day. Then when we consider that as much as 90% of the data in the world today was created in the last two years alone, […]

3 Ghostbusting tips for catching fraudsters

Who doesn’t love a ghost story? Whether you are into eerie classics like “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” or the ridiculous poltergeists in “Ghostbusters”, there is a ghost story for everyone. Ghost stories may entertain and frighten us, but at […]

11 steps to IT audit readiness, winning back your time & reducing IT risk

The ultimate guide to IT readiness As if the job of an IT manager or leader was not already challenging enough, today’s IT risk and regulatory environment is constantly increasing in complexity. Alongside this, there is an unprecedented proliferation of […]

Nu Skin Implements ACL’s Data-Driven Internal Control & Compliance Platform

Premier Beauty and Wellness Company Enlists Software Leader’s Cloud-Based Platform to Unify Internal Control, Compliance and Global Audit Workflows Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc., a global beauty and wellness company, has expanded its relationship with ACL, adding ACL™ GRC, ACL™ Analytics Exchange […]

Travel & Entertainment Expense Compliance

Reduce your pain, get process oversight, and ensure regulatory and policy compliance Travel and entertainment (T&E) program violations are death by a thousand cuts. While no single expense claim may have a material impact, the aggregate costs of individual misuse, policy […]

More awesome stuff from ACL

Community resources you didn’t know you had It’s always a shock to us when customers aren’t aware of the horde of great resources available at their fingertips. We relentlessly raise awareness but also want to send a cohesive message amidst […]

Trends in the casino industry

A Millennial’s vision for managing gaming compliance programs What is it like to be working in an industry that is always under a microscope 24/7, 365 days a year? The casino gaming industry is highly regulated and has always been […]

How I became “sought after” using ACL gear

ACL VP Operations Jose Aleman shares his journey creating a corporate crystal ball Last week at our annual sales kick-off event, ACL’s CEO Laurie Schultz flatteringly (and, frankly, a bit embarrassingly) called me out in front of the whole company […]

Are you a public official that does business with the state?

The Governance and Administration cluster led by Public Service and Administration Minister Ngoako Ramatlhodi has briefed the media on the progress of the implementation of the National Development Plan. He has told reporters in Cape Town that the reviewed Public […]

Webcast on Demand – Fall ’16 Release: Data-Driven.

Our Fall ’16 Release: Data-Driven webinar is now available on demand.  All of these new features are available to download from your ACL Launchpad and the new ACL Community is live with fresh content, online learning courses and so much […]

What do fraud, Millennials and data analytics have in common?

If you are thinking that Millennials commit more fraud, I’m willing to bet you are a Baby Boomer or a Generation Xer—tsk, tsk! In fact, from what I’ve seen and read, Millennials are no more guilty than any other generation. […]

Dion Chang – Keynote speaker for ACL User Group in Johannesburg

Our 2016 ACL User Group in Johannesburg will feature an incredible range of inspiring speakers, including Dion Chang. The speakers will help you make the most out of your ACL investment and demonstrate how you can show value to your […]

Cutting off criminals’ cash

Money laundering and financial crime is as hot a topic as ever in banking right now. We’ve talked recently about “Banking license revoked—a wake-up call to a watertight AML compliance framework” and “Bangladesh Bank Heist: 5 crucial lessons for more […]

Social network analysis for understanding connections in fraud

What is Social Network Analysis (SNA)? The world is more connected than ever before. Your smartphone connects to your watch, bathroom scale, TV, webcam and car. Websites like Facebook and Twitter catalogue thousands of connections between friends, while LinkedIn tracks […]

Become Data Driven with the September Release

Coming this September, we are delivering the biggest product launch in ACL’s history. It is our “Open Data” release, unleashing the power of ACL as one part of a broader data-ecosystem. As an ACL customer, what does this mean for […]

How to identify employees’ fraudulent use of purchasing cards

Purchasing cards (P-Cards) are increasingly used by businesses and government organizations to reduce the costs of traditional procurement processes. While this makes a lot of sense in terms of efficiency and effectiveness, P-Cards are particularly prone to fraudulent use because […]

Supercharge your audit coverage with collaborative technology

Are you trapped in a time suck between spreadsheets, manual process and outdated technology? Eliminate time-sucking tasks by using highly engaging and collaborative technology, so you can focus on high impact areas that need your professional judgement. I mean, how […]

Too many or too few? How to find the right balance of financial controls

Financial & accounting executives are often the most data-savvy leaders within an organization. Their jobs are focused on making sure that their teams produce reliable financial reports and analyses to effectively support smart and informed executive decision-making. Together with leaders […]

WATCH: The CAE’s Diary on buying Audit Management Software

You already understand the value that technology can play in enabling success with your team—but purchasing new audit technology can be an overwhelming process. Whether you are trying to get out of spreadsheets or replacing an outdated system, obtaining approval […]

5 Key Highlights from GRC LeaderCon in Singapore

On June 21, audit, risk and compliance professionals gathered at Fullerton Hotel in Singapore for a one-day event to share their in-depth experience, expertise, challenges faced, and vision for the GRC landscape. Industry leaders, including Michael Rassmussen of GRC 20/20 […]

5 powerful resources every ACL customer should know about

I’m shocked when I talk to customers and realize they have NO IDEA about all the resources ACL provides. In an effort to close that gap, here are five amazing resources available to every ACL customer. 1. Inspirations Ever looking […]

Product Pulse – July

The Product Pulse is ACL’s regular blog series on product & ecosystem updates. In this Edition: Get yourself texted for anomalies, legendary** Storyboards, and using Results Manager to manage attribute sampling. Introducing the Textual Analytics Toolkit: A Benford’s Law for […]

Toyota (GB) PLC Selects ACL GRC

Efficiency & Enhanced Collaboration   READING, ENGLAND — August 11, 2015 — ACL, the company that is transforming audit and risk, today announced that Toyota (GB) PLC, which is responsible for all sales, marketing, after sales and customer relations for […]

Should technology become the norm for internal audit departments

The role of the traditional internal audit department is evolving Over the years there have been a number of formal studies done across the globe that highlight how the role of the traditional internal audit department is evolving. It is […]

ACL Summer 2016 Product Release

Latest Updates Include New Content for Expanded GRC Use Cases, Improved Mass Data Upload, and “One-Click” Data Profiling VANCOUVER – July 6, 2016 – ACL, a software provider helping governments and the world’s public and private companies stamp out fraud, […]

6 reasons to quit monkeying around with survey tools

Are you an ACL customer who’s looking for a great survey tool? Look no further—you already have one! Here are six reasons to stop monkeying around and start taking advantage of ACL’s powerful survey capabilities. 1. The ACL Results Manager […]

“Fight fire with fire”

A technology-driven response to fraud KPMG’s recent report, Global Profiles of the Fraudster, raises a number of important issues about the current state of fraud prevention and detection in corporations. One of the major recommendations of the report is to […]

Do you want every day to be Independence Day?

Why Internal Auditors want every day to be Independence Day Auditor independence refers to the independence of the auditor from parties that may have a financial interest in the business being audited. In the case of Internal Auditors, they work […]

6 reasons spreadsheets fail for GRC

Although commonly used as a GRC tool, spreadsheets use can garner significant risks (and costs) if not properly monitored and controlled. In a recent blog post by Michael Rasmussen of The GRC Pundit, he looks at real life examples of […]

Better ways to manage supply chain risks

It is no surprise that supply chain risks are often ranked among the highest risks that many organizations face. In some industries, such as manufacturing, the complex web of third-party entities involved in providing components, sub-components and services can seem […]

4 key takeaways from GRC LeaderCon New York

How do the three lines of defence break down silos and work together to deliver maximum value to the business? On June 9 ACL invited audit, risk and compliance professionals to join together in a one day event in New […]

Benchmark your audit team against your peers

How do you compare to your audit peers in salary, department budget, audit findings and remediation time? We’ve created an anonymous survey using ACL Results Manager so you can find out! Take a couple of minutes to answer some questions […]

4 reasons why the right technology partner makes the difference

Selecting the right technology partner to implement and oversee your continuous monitoring program can be a challenging and time-consuming task. It’s difficult trusting an outsider that get’s insight into exactly what makes your organisation tick and where your problems lie. […]

Leadership is still the missing ingredient

For the past decade, PwC’s annual State of the Internal Audit Profession study has proved to be a reliable barometer of the status of issues impacting auditors globally. This year’s study contains a strong theme around the importance of executive […]

Big scandal, big data, big opportunity

The biggest data leak in corporate history has underscored the value of big data analysis in detecting fraud, reducing compliance costs & reputational risk. The full ramifications of the Panama Papers scandal are only beginning to unfold. The UK’s Financial […]

How do you know when cloud is fake-cloud?

Cloud software is a hot commodity these days—and for good reason. It can be lean, agile, secure, cost-effective, and offers continuous upgrades, while supporting mobile devices with real-time data. Here at ACL, we’ve noticed that many software vendors are seeing […]

5 Benefits of a Continuous Monitoring Program

Continuous monitoring technology to improve day-to-day productivity is a practice no longer limited to just audit and compliance professionals. Continuous monitoring is gaining serious traction across the entire organisation to protect revenue, drive performance and detect fraud. Watch the online […]

And you thought BIG DATA was the problem

Big data according to Merriam-Webster is defined as, “an accumulation of data that is too large and complex for processing by traditional database management tools.” Big data has been giving us headaches for years. I would even go as far […]

ACL Launches GRC LeaderCon Conference Series

VANCOUVER – May 18, 2016 – ACL, a software provider helping governments and the world’s largest public and private companies stamp out fraud, operational waste and unethical business, recently announced its upcoming series of one-day conferences for audit, risk management […]

4 Attributes of a Modern Day Internal Audit Hero

PwC’s recent “2016 State of the Internal Audit Profession Study” provides a mix of insights—some new, some old. It’s definitely worth a read. Some findings are pretty much the same as in previous year—internal audit still needs to be more […]

Revenue Assurance in Municipalities

A recent article published on highlights the importance and urgency for new Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (CoGTA) Minister David van Rooyen to address revenue management and revenue assurance within South African municipalities. With the declining economy, municipalities will […]

A Free Download Replaces the Need for Expensive Excel-Based Audit Solutions

ACL Tool Eases Audit, Risk, and Control Processes for Professionals Working in Excel® VANCOUVER, June 19, 2014 – ACL, the company that is transforming audit and risk, today announced the release of ACL™ Add-In for Excel® available at no cost […]

Complete Workflow Management at your fingertips

Governance, risk and compliance activities are part of daily life in every organisation. Whether there is a formal commitment to GRC initiatives or simply a desire to drive organisational performance though better management of departmental risk, control and compliance objectives. […]

How to monitor what happens in less time

Smart Internal Auditors know how to monitor what matters All organisations produce a large amount of data on a daily basis. Whilst this data contains insightful and useful information, many organisations don’t know where to even begin when it comes […]